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Recruitment information
All recruitment prior to the release of DF:UW is based on an estimate of your previous game experience, your personality and your application here. Actual duels to test your combat skill will take place in Darkfall for those that join after launch.
Welcome message
Basic recruitment requirements:

- Working headset w/ microphone.
- A decent computer and a stable connection below 90 ping.
- Able to speak and understand English.
- Play Darkfall actively.

Misc. information:

We are part of the Kingdom of Hyperion alliance, which consists of various experienced and organized guilds. This gives us an interesting and active environment to be a part of and opens up some unique options. For instance, players that do poorly in the initial duels, and who therefore are not ready yet to join the clan, may be recommended to another clan in the alliance where they will be provided a good place to develop and train themselves. From here they still have the opportunity to play with us on an alliance basis and they can re-apply at a later date when they feel they've become more skilled.

Information on members:

- Most importantly, we are teamplayers and we have to be able to rely on each other 120%. Baiting, freeloading, crutching and other cowardly behaviour will get you kicked out, whereas bravery and superior skill will earn you medals, respect and even bonus rewards.
- It's also important to be competitive and motivated. Every member is expected to put effort into developing his character and practice. Duels in the safe surroundings of a city is good for warming up and testing new tactics. But to solidify and strengthen your abilities and prowess as a warrior you have to PK solo or duo regularly to stay sharp and improve (e.g by farming in heavily visited spawns). To develop game sense and situational awaraness in a group it's important that we not only participate in team duels and drills, but also frequently take part in big raids and massive sieges. For this reason it's very good that we're in Hyperion because it guarantees a lot of action, conflict and conquest.
- Finally, every player is expected to keep a solid personal economy. This may be difficult during extended periods of hardcore warfare. However, items in Darkfall are easy to get, so put in an effort and keep your supplies up as well as possible. Lazy and poor individuals or beggers who will not put in an effort will not last long here.

Positions available:
Bandit Apply
Bowman Apply
Forester Apply
Historian Apply
Just join Apply
Wizard Apply
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Clan donations
8.99 $ | hosting (monthly)
6 $ | 15 slot Mumble server (monthly)
Mumble upgrade costs:
4 $ per 10 slots  (monthly)
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